Benefits of ITIL

ITIL has been around for many years now. The ITIL concept emerged in the 1980s, when the British government determined that the level of IT service quality provided to them was not sufficient. The Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), now called the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), was tasked with developing a framework for efficient and financially responsible use of IT resources within the British government and the private sector. That all being said, it is a widely adopted form to help you business. Picking up presence in the US after being used extensively in Europe for many years. Here is a good 10 reasons to look into it , if you don’t currently have a process in place.

The Top 10 Strategic Benefits of ITIL

1. Provides a single, definable, repeatable, and scalable documented framework for IT best practices that flows across the IT organization.

2. Clearly identifies roles and responsibilities for IT Service Management.

3. Supports reducing IT costs and justifying the cost of IT quality.

4. Supports ability of IT to measure and improve internal performance and service provisioning.

5. Defines IT in terms of services rather than systems.

6. Supports improvement of user productivity.

7. Improves communication and information flows between IT and organization business departments.

8. Provides a framework for IT to support regulatory challenges.

9. Improves ability of IT to adjust as business opportunities and challenges are presented.

10. Improves relationship of IT with the business – builds trust.


Value of ITSM

In business today most larger companies use a help desk or ticketing system to keep their IT department moving smoothly. Many have a self-service page for the employees to access to submit a request and even use the knowledge base to help answer some known issues or common problems. This all works to the most part very well.

Would it be nice to do more? Using a frame-work of best practices like ITIL can  really help establish a proper work flow that can extend past just a simple ticketing system. Using ITIL and a strong ITSM solution can grow in your business to meet the business needs of almost all your departments. Human Resources, Project Managers, Sales department are just a few that can use the same core programing to automate and streamline their business work flow. Using a ITSM solution with a platform to allow you to create business applications can not only stream line your business, but can save great amounts of money by consolidating multiple applications into one. Saving the money needed to purchase and maintain these other programs. Also allowing you to create the application with your business in mind. Not making an out of the box solution work.